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Sophisticated custom automation solutions

At Bridger Automation, we’re in the business of making your life easier. Whether you’re looking for a home automation solution or automation for your business or boat, we offer a wide range of services to meet your requirements. From smart home security to audio visual systems, custom theatres to voice control functions—if it can be automated, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

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Smart Homes


Enjoy the convenience and ease of home automation. Customise your automation to create a home that is distinctly you. Control the ambience of every room with automated lighting, build a smart home security system or synchronise your audio-visual systems.

Smart businesses


With commercial automation systems you can increase security and reduce your energy footprint. Integrate lighting, air conditioning, audio/visual systems, security—or anything else your unique business requires—and control it all from a remote location.

Let us help you modernise your space

Let us help you modernise your space

Get in touch to organise a no obligation meeting and we’ll open you up to the world of possibilities that home automation can offer.

Smart Boats


Fallen in love with the convenience and ease of your home automation system? We can help you experience the same high-calibre system in your boat. Enjoy fully customised audio/visual, satellite TV, communications and complete control automations.

Smart Theatres

Custom home cinemas

Enjoy the surround sound quality of your local cinema in the comfort of your own home. From sound panelling to the latest in high quality theatre projectors, we offer a complete range of home cinema solutions tailored to your home, budget and lifestyle.

Next Gen Automation

Voice control

Forget about apps, devices and remotes, relish the voice control automation systems that are taking the automation industry by storm. Voice control is taking home automation to the next level and with our intuitive systems, now you can experience it all for yourself.

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